Seventh Planet


Magicians, Hermonians, People VOLUME I

THE SEVENTH PLANET Return of the Magic Lord

Peace and equality for all people, Many dream about it, fight and work

Unfortunately, no one has succeeded yet, For the human soul and body are too weak

As you defend the world of this truth and clarity, You cannot be afraid to go into the dark.

I put at your disposal First Volume of my novel.

The magical stories of Tom I – combine human reality with the currents of fantasy and science fiction and modern technology. Feelings, beliefs and diversity. I will take you completely close to your home and very, very far – into space inhabited, among other things, by:

  • Magicians Wibseract,
  • ancient, intelligent breeds such as Hermonians,
  • Humans,
  • Vulquies,
  • Vampires,
  • and even recently formed – breeds such as Mrons or Harps.

You are about to find yourself in a wonderful world of fantasy, deeply embedded in the realities of humanity. You will learn the most important natural issues, related to many intelligent races, their planets, problems, achievements and tragedies. You will learn everything the Earthlings, the enlightened man, should know. You will com not comne the Nature of all things. As you follow my creative descriptions, you will learn a story that surprises, inspires and prompts reflection on the fate of modern Natural Being. And sometimes it even blows up the boundaries of traditional senses: imagination and reality.

THE SEVENTH PLANET Return of the Magic Lord, it is first volume of novel NATURAL PRINCIPLES OF LIFE Magicians, Hermonians, People. I planned the whole story on five fantastic volumes. Each subsequent one will be a continuation of previous events. Therefore, I invite you to learn about the amazing history of the Nature of Being. Of course, starting with Volume I: THE SEVENTH PLANET Return of the Magic Lord.

You are cordially invited to read the following novel.

Yours sincerely:

Dariusz Gołębiowski – author of the series: NATURAL PRINCIPLES OF LIFE Magicians, Hermonians