Chapter I The Universe



basic knowledge: people, traveling

Living places of the species People – pictorial drawing

The story of the universe is very, very long and extremely interesting. But only the Gods Of Everything know it from the very beginning. They know how and why Natural Being began to exists. OH, yeah! They could tell us some great stories. Unfortunately, they are too old, they are lazy, and perhaps they are simply too tired of a centuries-old existence. Well, it’s hard. So we need to have enough knowledge from the last decades of living organisms.

The universe consists of so-called galaxies. At least, people use such names. Why do I show their point of view? The most recent studies show that they are one of the most common living organisms. Of course, by analyzing only a group of creatures with the level of basic intelligence. To this end they are still the largest group of creatures, among so-called abstract creatures. Despite the significant changes in population numbers in recent years. So let us continue our further reflection from the level of perception of the human race.

The most famous galaxy known to them is: the Milky Way. Earth in the aforementioned part of the Universe, it is one of several places where people live. Besides, this species can also be found on planets:

Faron – Ancient System,

The Seventh Planet – Keron System.

Some Ancients living in the Universe know that traveling in human reasoning, that is, using ordinary space, does not make much sense. It is mainly a great waste of time and, above all, an unnecessary use of natural resources. The knowledge of the more advanced races of Abstract Thinking Beings therefore goes much deeper. To the interior of the Natural Being. Unfortunately, people in the vast majority are not yet able to move to the indicated level of perception. Probably because of the limitations we have, which we will deal with later in the story. However, as Nature points out, there is only one effective way of moving between individual planets that are located in different galaxies. We are talking, of course, about the use well-known Ancient Breeds – Natural Space-Time Portals. They are also on Earth. There are two main types:

  • Water,
  • Fire.

Water Portals

usually appear in large bodies of water (lakes, seas, oceans) or sometimes directly above them. Due to their origination environment, they can be easily used to move between different star systems.

Graphics: Water Space-Time Portals

Fire Portals

can be found inside the crater. Unfortunately – usually in active lava or directly above it. Due to their nature, they are very difficult to use in interstellar travel. But if someone could use them in practice, the journey would be faster and less risky than using The Water Portals. Until now, no commonly known technology allows the use of Fire Portals to move in inter-galactic space. But I believe that still in this millennium, there will be a smart enough breed that will tame this hitherto inaccessible way of traveling.

For advanced galactic civilizations, water portals are now the primary channel for interplanetary travel. But we also need to remember that there is an alternative: the collapse of space. While these portals are based on nature, the above-mentioned solution was artificially produced and is said to be very harmful to nature. Or at least so many representatives of advanced, ancient civilizations believe. It seems that they may be right in these statements, because the collapse of space is very energy-intensive for nature. With a high intensity of its use, can die whole powerful elements of the known universe: stars, planets, and perhaps galaxies. Let us emphasize here that the use of natural portals does not pose any threat to the nature of the omnipresent. And at least to this day, no one has shown any negative effects.

The Natural Spacetime Portal is not a fixed element. It appears only a few times in the life of a particular planet. Each time contains specific spatial and temporal sequences. Each sequence leads to a different part of The Universe. Knowledge about the operation of space-time portals is unique. Only a few individuals who are at a very high level of abstract intelligence are able to predict the place and time of the creation of such a portal. And predicting where a given portal in a given sequence will allow you to reach is even more complicated than just determining the place and time of its opening.

Proper analysis of the sequence and destination can only be done by a few dozen beings living in the Universe. On Earth, such people were called Time Mages. According to the presently available knowledge, they could be only representatives of ancient races:

* Hermonians,

* Dforowians commonly referred to as Human Magicians,

* Kartolians.

According to its name – Natural Time Portal – it should allow to move in space and in time. However, none of the currently revealed Time Mages, are able to use the portal settings related to time. This knowledge died many centuries ago with probably the last Kartolian. But well, nothing lasts forever and nothing is lost forever. The future, like the past, continues to reveal new facts of The Natural Being.

What if there is only one monster left on The Earth – The Man?

Thousands of years ago, the destruction of human civilization took place. It was the last apocalypse. We are just finishing preparations for the next one.

History must repeat itself ! ?

The word from the Author I am well aware that the representatives of the different races living in the universe will have access to this manuscript. That is why I have tried to exercise due diligence in order to make all the facts unbiased. How it happened on the right Scriptioman. However, I have already met with such test opinions from readers that some of the people described may feel wronged. Especially people, because they say I’ve described their characteristics too much. Especially the negative ones. Well, the fact is, I devoted most of the story to them. The result is that there is probably the most of them and descriptions of them. However, if any representative of the human race has been negatively assessed on account of my descriptions, of course, from above and naturally, I am sorry. But I’m also inviting you to think, or are you sure I’m the one who made the mistake? Or did I write the whole truth? Hmm, maybe not comfortable for some things, but the truth …